20th Anniversary, Vero Beach

Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up Wednesday. Last weekend we stole away for a short overnight to Vero Beach. We stayed in a somewhat rundown beachfront property (still $200/night!) but it was fine. The weather was gorgeous. Saturday afternoon we visited and strolled McKee Botanical Gardens.

Hairpeace, a talented folie/hippie duoWe dined saturday night at an old-school steak house in a historic section of the mainland part of town, then afterwards strolled down to a teahouse/microbrew storefront featuring a young hippie duo entertaining with some familiar folkie beats and original tunes (myspace link). It was very intimate and comfortable. They were young, but extremely polished and knew their material cold — clearly they’ve been struggling as artists for a while. I got on their email list in case they happen to come to Orlando sometime. The staff was friendly, and the patronage was representative of the community’s demographics (ie. we were among the younger ones present), but it was all still terribly hip. A wonderful evening.

The next morning I slipped out early and caught a few fish on artificial lure in the surf, and then we went for a leisurely breakfast al fresco at seaside. Later we hiked in a wilderness refuge and I guided Linda and shared some of my camping recreation spots.

We’ve got the place wired now, and look forward to returning for Nick and Kim’s wedding in May.

Nick and Kim

nickkimLongtime singing partner Nick plans to tie the knot with the lovely Kim on memorial day weekend down in Vero Beach. We’ll be there to help celebrate, and I bet some singing might even break out!

You crazy kids; Nick, don’t go wading in the ocean with your good slacks on for cryin’ out loud!

super bowl ads

sheesh. What a huge amount of attention has been paid to the concept of Super Bowl advertising this year. I personally watched about 5 minutes late in the 2nd quarter, and don’t recall if I saw an ad or not. I did notice it was raining pretty steadily at the game.

Anyway, here’s a convenient collection of one selection of the “top five” ads from Sunday’s broadcast, over at the http://www.consumerist.com/ blog.

None of them really grabbed me, although k-fed making fun of himself raises my opinion of him by a nearly imperceptible increment above beneath any possible concern.