Chorus videos

Gina’s WPHS chorus is attending Florida District Music Performance Assessments (MPA’s) today. Last week, all the WPHS choruses presented their performance pieces in concert, and I had a front row seat. The freshman women did two numbers and their musical quality has definitely improved since the start of the year. I took along my new digital camera to shoot some video and see how it performs.

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Nicely; the Lumix did really well with the low stage lights, and the image stabilization works quite well…all of this is handheld, and only at the end of the 8 minutes of shooting did some shakyness get significant enough to show up. The zoom control is a tiny little lever which is difficult to finesse, but it is quiet. These youtube uploads are downsampled, so they don’t show all the detail of the VGA level 640X480 resolution captured by the camera. (9 minutes of video nearly filled up my 1GB SD card).

I only wish I could have gotten on my feet and added some camera movement — the girls are not very animated in these two clips.

I also used these clips to finally start digging into the Adobe Premiere Elements editing software I acquired over a year ago. That learning curve is steep, and I’ve only cracked the surface of its capabilities. All I did with these was to add some fades and a title, and in one I interjected a “ken burns” still image pan. The adobe software natively handles the Panasonic’s video format which is quicktime .mov. This program seems a lot more stable than the Studio DV consumer software I’ve been using up till now.

I also tested Premiere’s exporting modes, and tried a couple different video formats to evaluated encoding times and resultant quality. I found that I don’t have the codec’s needed to export mpeg4, which youtube recommends for uploading. Some details are in the clip descriptions on my youtube site.

Just realized, this posting hits a majority of my blog categories.

2 thoughts on “Chorus videos”

  1. Oh My! What a joy to see and hear! Just great. It reminds me that I started out in life wanting to be a high school vocal music teacher. I was particularly enamored with girls glee clubs. Now I remember why.
    Grandpa Reed


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