I just got a used ipod from nephew Austen.

itunes sucksthis is crazy. I’ve been struggling with iTunes for almost two
hours. I can’t get any music on the ipod. I’ve renamed
the ipod, and itunes erased all the contents owned by Austen.
I built a library from files on my computer, over 700 songs. I’ve tried synchronizing, I’ve tried
‘consolidating’ the library (what the hell does that mean? it took 10 minutes to complete!), I’ve tried exporting the library. I’ve tried clicking and dragging. there are still no files on the ipod.

I don’t want to use itunes to play music or to rip CD’s. I don’t want to use itunes to
buy music. I just want to put existing files on the ipod.

Intuitive interface my ass. itunes sucks.
big time.

6 thoughts on “iTunes”

  1. Bob, I hope you get it straightened out, ’cause once you start running with an ipod you’ll never go back.

    Did Nick’s and Austen’s software alts work?


  2. I tried an alternate freeware to sync the ipod, but it didn’t work, and when I dug into the FAQ for troubleshooting, I found a note that it was a prerequisite that you had to run iTunes at least once to recognize the ipod (done that), and that there had to be at least one song already on the ipod.

    I cannot get iTunes to move any files onto the ipod, and I haven’t had the time to mess with it any further or look at other alternatives.

    BTW, this is my 4th mp3 player, and the reason I wanted it is because of the 4gig capacity, and to be cool.

    I’m still using my 512K iAudio mp3 player everyday. It has built in voice recorder, line input recorder, and FM tuner, and runs on a replaceable AAA battery. And it doesn’t require any special software.


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