UF Proposes to boost tuition fees by $1K/year

Pensacola, FL (AHN) – Florida’s Board of Governors unanimously approved a University of Florida tuition increase of $1,000 per year in a vote Thursday. The additional fee, which is intended to be used to hire more teachers and advisers, must be approved by the Legislature by May. The university’s Board of Trustees will then vote to make it official.

But here’s the catch; several news stories have made the statement that this fee increase will not be covered by either Florida’s Bright Futures scholarships (75% of florida resident students typically qualify), nor by the guaranteed Florida pre-paid college tuition plan. I’ve scoured news accounts on the web, and I cannot find a good attribution for this statement. I don’t know if it is a condition imposed by the University of Florida, or if it is a declaration of policy by other Florida officials.

Linda and I bought in to that pre-paid plan for 100% coverage back when Gina was born, and its somewhat unlikely Gina would actually attend UF Gainesville. But if this develops as it is being reported, it could be grounds for some serious litigation or class action, and I would want to get involved. It is a tenuous precedent for Florida higher education. I’ll be watching the legislature’s action on this proposal closely when they convene next May.

One thought on “UF Proposes to boost tuition fees by $1K/year”

  1. Tuition smuition. Where is the posting about MY origin? My co-cat has his own video clip, and you can’t even post a darned photo of the Coombs Inn! Do you prefer the front or hind half part of a rat??


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