Florida’s first fairy festival

This weekend we’re heading to S. Florida for a couple nights stay at a state park. Its 3 dads and 8 kids-teens. Maybe we’ll stop in at the Tropical Fairy Festival, a celebration of nature, mind, body and soul. With a costume contest! With magickal (sic) fairy games, “yoga fairy flyers”, greenmen (pictured right), and other performers with a “fairy flair”.


Foley scandal

I’ve been holding my breath waiting for this shoe to drop.  Ignorant Floridian Ben McCall writes in the Orlando Sentinel that the whole thing is the fault of the liberal gay agenda:

The chickens have come home. The liberals who were so adamant that homosexuality was just another lifestyle and just as good as any other should now apologize for the calamity they have brought on the American nation.

Their insistence that God’s book, which was not released for the next election, is irrelevant and should not be invoked in any way in our enlightened society has condemned them and us to a devastating recognition that we have all played the fool.


Bob, Linda, Hiba, Seth and Janice attended a Rockapella concert saturday night and it was terrific. Seth brought his pitch pipe, just – in – case.

It turns out that most of the singers have roots or connections here in central florida, they’ve all worked at the theme parks at some time or another, and now 4 of the 5 have made homes here. They said on stage they never get booked to perform in Orlando, so they went ahead and hired the plaza theater and put this show on themselves. They didn’t really advertise but the show was nearly sold out by word of mouth. The bass said he got a text on his cell backstage just before curtain that said “don’t suck”. The girl that sent it was seated behind us.

Their material was great, probably 5 or 6 of the songs they did are in Makeshift’s repertoire.
Including Zombie Jamboree. I’ve never heard their version although I had read somewhere that our
arrangement is based on theirs, and it is very similar. Seth and I COULD have subbed!

Here’s a link to a videoclip of an appearance they made last friday on local fox channel 35