UCF A Cappella

UCF’s nascent a cappella student group Contemporary A Cappella (CAC) recently invited me to become their faculty/staff advisor, and I’m delighted to join them. The group includes a men’s ensemble, a women’s ensemble, and a women’s barbershoppy group. They’ve also had fits and starts with a mixed group. As elsewhere in the collegiate a cappella movement, they concentrate on contemporary pop songs, use a lot of vocal percusion and beat boxing, while emulating modern instrumental accompanyment.

This coming weekend, they are hosting a Florida mini-conference with groups from other colleges and universities, and saturday evening there will be a show on the UCF campus at 7pm. Some group photos here.

3 thoughts on “UCF A Cappella”

  1. Al Holcomb told us you were takeing over for him as the adult advisor to these groups. Yea!
    We old foggies haven’t heard them of course—and we have a dinner to go to on Sat night. But—maybe we can hear them at another time. We are always looking for entertainment at the UClub. Maybe them–next year? We would bill the girls, boys, mixed chorus — something like– “The Acapella– Not-Too-Rock– Young People’s Songsters”! Come and hear what college kids are singing today!” Would it work?


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