The UCF campus at nightEarly wednesday morning I did my normal 5K on the treadmill, then started a sunrise to sunset ramadan fast (no food or liquids).

In the evening, Hiba (who has been fasting most of the last month) and I went to a iftar dinner “fast-a-thon” hosted by UCF’s Muslim Student Association. They specifically invited non-muslims who were willing to participate in the fasting to join. There was a good turnout filling a ballroom on the UCF campus. The vast majority were muslim students, and they ate segregated by gender. They also prayed together prior to the meal in the customary manner facing mecca with the ritual kneeling and prostration. An Iman cleric sung prayers in arabic. It was all a very worthwhile and moving experience, particularily in the act of breaking my fast in the traditional manner with a date and a cup of water in that shared environment. That was memorable.

The subsequent food that was served was pretty good too, but then I was really really hungry!

2 thoughts on “Ramadan”

  1. Most interesting! I applaud your efforts to understand and participate in a different religion and culture! Makes me wonder—has Hiba attended your church?


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