Dying of the Highlight

I didn’t read this whole article, because, well, I don’t watch football.

Or highlight shows.

But I suspect I have at least two readers who should find this pretty interesting, about the licensing of pro-sports television rights, video editing of highlight reels, and broadcast network strategies.

Why football clips aren’t as good as they used to be.
By Robert Weintraub Posted Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006, at 3:51 PM ET

Once upon a time, I was a production assistant at ESPN, cutting highlight packages for SportsCenter and other studio shows. It was easy enough to simply cut together the scoring plays. But what separated a good highlight reel from a generic one was finding a turning point or trend that went a little deeper. (read entire article at slate.com )

Puppet theater

There is a fairy tale puppet theater in a shopping center that I drive by everyday on my way to work, and it always gives me a wistful pause. Several years back, Gina and I were together and noticed its grand opening announcement in the storefront window. Gina’s immediate and reflexive response was “oh cool, I wanna go!” But I could see a moment of hesitation in the middle of her exclamation, as it occurred to her that she just might be getting too old for such entertainment. She was in 4th or 5th grade at the time, right on the cusp when magical child thinking was slipping away, to be replaced by more palpable delights (and concerns) of middle school, peer approval, and adolescence.

We still frequent that shopping center on a regular basis, but the topic of the puppet theater never again came up. I see the theater storefront almost everyday and remember how we just missed it. If only it had opened a year earlier.

Windows Live Local

I was exploring a geo-blog registry service, when I called up this mapping display and was astounded at the ‘birds eye’ view provided of my neighborhood and our house!! The photo clearly shows the old blue-streak van in the open garage, and there is some white service vehicle in the driveway next to my boat!

photoclip from MS virtual earth

From the missing trees, I can tell this picture is post-charley (8/2004). I researched a little and found that the MS Virtual Earth is a service launched to rival Google Earth, and is a component of Windows Live-Local.

update here’s some other views:

woodfare court, Orlando

West 77th street, NYC

My office building

It’s not quite buddy-Jesus, but

From a fresh website on marketing and communications (http://www.churchmarketingsucks.com) I came across this item about some billboard vandalism. There’s an interesting dicussion about appropriate reverence and why this is worthy of a chuckle or two. For example, one poster wrote:

We’re not laughing at Jesus. We’re laughing at a secular culture that is so strangely attracted to the idea and person of Jesus, but so equally terrified by the religion of his namesake, and the subculture built around it. AND we’re laughing at the RELIGIOUS culture that is so worried about someone offending Jesus that they treat the God of the Universe like a breakable china doll.

Lost Jogger?

9/11 Update: I hope to ask rescuer Ron Eaglin for his personal take on the story some time, but he’s got a straightforward writeup on his blog about it already (with a map here).  Also, a good press account here.  I’m rethinking; there may be nothing more than has already been written.  How truly remarkable that it all came out OK.

What is the full story? This guy was lost and wandering in a small wooded area for 4 days and nights? This area adjacent to UCF is really small; its an L-shaped plot, about 1 mile wide and 1.4 miles tall. Its wonderful that he was found and rescued (by a UCF acquantance of mine in fact!) But I’m sure there is more to this story.

Eddie MeadowsLost jogger heard city life, couldn’t connect
He spent 4 days wandering through woods — trucks and UCF’s band within earshot.
Sarah Lundy
Sentinel Staff Writer

September 6, 2006

Eddie Meadows thought he was taking a shortcut through some nature trails when he got lost for four days jogging in a swampy area near the University of Central Florida. Continue reading “Lost Jogger?”