Windows Live Local

I was exploring a geo-blog registry service, when I called up this mapping display and was astounded at the ‘birds eye’ view provided of my neighborhood and our house!! The photo clearly shows the old blue-streak van in the open garage, and there is some white service vehicle in the driveway next to my boat!

photoclip from MS virtual earth

From the missing trees, I can tell this picture is post-charley (8/2004). I researched a little and found that the MS Virtual Earth is a service launched to rival Google Earth, and is a component of Windows Live-Local.

update here’s some other views:

woodfare court, Orlando

West 77th street, NYC

My office building

2 thoughts on “Windows Live Local”

  1. Amazing! And pre-7/2006 when you traded cars. Your boat is in place, too. The overhead screening, though, masks your pool. Thanks for sharing. Max


  2. Cool .. I looked up my house and the photo is from around the February 2006 timeframe. I can tell because our patio extension is poured but the screen is not up and there is a small tree in a pot on the corner of the patio that was only there a short time.


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