Hiba is on her way

Our Lebanese student is on her way. Sources report to us that she along with a whole batch of state department sponsored exchange students were airlifted out of Lebanon to Cyprus. They were restricted to a 15 kg luggage limit (about 33 lbs).

She should arrive in Orlando via Washington DC as scheduled this coming saturday 8/12!! We need to hustle to get the rooms ready.

technology aggravation

I’m a big fan of technology, and I love it when things work well just like they are supposed to! (The GPS unit we took on our roadtrip is a great example). But its aggravating when technology malfunctions. Here’s two similar stories;

1. We bought a new Whirlpool range and oven unit for our kitchen remodel last summer. Although the stovetop burners are controlled by conventional mechanical dials, the oven is controlled by an electronic panel, and it stopped working about 6 months ago. We had to arrange appointments for diagnosis and repair, and a new panel had to be ordered, and we were without the use of an oven for 2 or 3 weeks. Upon our recent return from vacation, to our dismay, its acting up again, and we cannot get the oven to turn on. The good news is that our purchase date was August 7 2005, and we called them yesterday, August 6, 2006, to request service under our 1 year warranty. The bad news, is we’ll be without an oven for a few weeks.

2. Last christmas, I treated myself to a $350 fishfinding sonar unit for my boat, with integrated temperature and water speed gauge. It was a big job to mount it on the boat and run all the wiring and seal it up, and it worked well for a while. Then the electronic display started acting haywire, and I called the company, got an RMA number (return materials authorization) and shipped it off to the factory in Tulsa OK. They replaced it with a new unit, but it took 3-4 weeks to get the new unit back. Now the new unit is acting up. Its not obviously an electronic problem, it just tends to shut down intermittently and will not turn back on. I strongly suspected a problem with my wiring and installation, but I got a pinout diagram off the internet, and took an electrical meter along on my most recent fishing trip. Sure enough, after a few hours on the water it shut down. I checked with the electrical meter, and the power supply was strong and constant. So today I called the factory and got another RMA to send this one in for repair or replacement. sheesh.


We arrived back in Orlando on Thursday Aug 3, in time for Gina’s WPHS orientation that evening. The last day of driving was a sprint; 460 miles from Stacy’s house in Atanta to home, all of it interstate. Prior to arriving in Atlanta, Gina and I drove through eastern Kentucky in some country I’ve never seen before. Its a great drive, and we stopped at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. It was definitely worth the stop, and I hope to revisit the area sometime soon. Lots of water recreation opportunities. Perhaps we consider it for our next Reed family get together?

More cumberland falls photos here.

3800 miles were put on the new Mazda. School and work starts again monday. 😦

22 Years

It had been 22 years since I last visited Bloomington. We arrived at dusk for a cookout at Kent’s house in Brown County. Pete was there cooking the burgers, and we restaged this photo taken 22 years earlier.

Bob, Pete Dreeson, and Chip Tjardes (“TJ” Tjardes also featured in the 2006 photo).

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While in Bloomington, we visited with another high school friend Kent MacPherson. Kent is now a master woodworker who owns sawmills and does award-winning custom flooring and wood inlays. He and his new wife and baby live in a hand-built home deep in the Brown County woods, from which he harvests lumber. More info and photos of Kent’s custom flooring and furniture is here.

Kent kicks back at his home in the Brown County woods.

Custom coffee table built by Kent for sale in Rita MacPherson’s gift and decor store in Nashville, IN.


Gina and I are on the road (Kentucky at the moment) heading home. We spent 3 days visiting with my high school friend Chip Tjardes and his new wife Mavic and baby TJ. We stayed at their home in Madison Wisconsin, and then together travelled to Bloomington IN for a couple of nights.

Chip and Mavic with Chip’s sister Janine

8 month old TJ and Mavic

More Bloomington/IU photos to come.