Dude, we totally talked about this last night!

I’m starting my second year of duty as a student conduct hearing officer at UCF, and all hearing officers attended day long training this past saturday. Its pretty long and tedious for the most part, but I heard a funny story from a colleague, and I probably shouldn’t share it due to confidentiallity and all, but here goes. No names or dates included.

Dude!Students are required to represent themselves in hearings, although they are allowed to bring in witnesses or advisors if they wish. This one student was charged with possession and consumption of cannabis, and he brought in his roommate to help explain how the marijuana wasn’t his, he never used drugs, he didn’t know everyone who was at his apartment that night etc. But the first thing the witness said to the hearing panel was “yeah, we were all smoking weed that night”. He completely ratted him out. The charged student was incredulous and flustered. The hearing officer and the conduct staffer were trying like crazy to repress their amusement. And then the charged student said, “Dude, …”

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