Lake Okiboji

Just finished a week at the resort lake area in NW Iowa. Lots of good eating and good family times.
Ken M. and the boat we fished from. More bluegill photos here.
Bob Sr’s old high school buddy Ken McQueen has a summer place on the lake, and he and another summer resident took me out bluegill fishing one morning. We caught a 5-gallon bucket load, and these guys methodically carved the filets out of them. I took about a pound of filets and contributed them to a sweet corn boil with the family later that afternoon. bobathelm2628
see more Okiboji boating photos here.We spent several afternoons out on the lake, with a ski boat, a pontoon for the whole family, and on the last day, Rick and I took out a couple of jet skis. I did everything I hate about jet skiiers and made a pest out of myself on the lake.

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