Northern Pike

We don’t have internet access at our lake resort, so my checking in has been touch and go, finding hotspots and taking the time to review personal and work email, and upload photos to flickr.
This is a pretty active vacation destination, and the lake is crowded and choppy from boat traffic even during the weekdays. However, I got out on the dock at sunrise a few mornings and have the place quietly to myself. And after observing some familiar topwater lures in a local tackle shop, I tied on my reliable 4″ chug bug and gave it a go. I landed a nice northern pike (weird looking fish), and he was hooked pretty bad. In the process of getting him loose, he thrashed and drove a barb point deep into my index finger. Once I finally got the fish extracted from the mess, I woke up Linda and she drove me to an emergency room, and a good humored doctor numbed up my finger and dug it out. Nice fish, sorry I don’t have a picture.

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