Gina’s on her way back

We both got a call from daughter gina this afternoon when she crossed over the border into southern ca and back into cell service. Everyone is fine, they worked hard, accomodations were nicer than she expected. Shortly thereafter, I got a text message that said their van had collided with a mercedes in a MacDonalds parking lot.

We’ll pick her up at the orlando airport at 6:30am monday.

Steve Sorg retires

My boss of the last 7 years is retiring and moving to montana at the end of the month. Thursday we had the official University retirement reception for him where everyone comes by, has a soft drink and wishes him well. I brought in two of my Makeshift guys, and we sang a couple of corny songs with custom lyrics. It went over great — our entertainment was so highly unusual for this type of event, word has been spreading to those at UCF who were NOT in attendance. Click on the comments to see my custom lyrics.

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