family news update

I’ve been away for a few days. Linda’s firm attended a lawyering conference in SW florida, and as is the custom, most of the lawyers brought along spouses and/or families. So Linda brought me, and I brought my fishing boat. I didn’t catch anything really notable (Mr. Snook eluded me again!), but we had a good time, and ate well while we were there. Gina was left in the capable hands of the GP’s and neighbor Issens. Gina has been ‘interning’ with a media development group here at UCF sharing her experience with and perspective on electronic/computer games. The development group is think tanking the use of gaming in higher ed. Gina will participate in a conference with invited higher ed administrators from around the country later this month. She’ll be a panel member answering questions.

Linda and I returned late sunday and I sort of missed father’s day. So here’s a belated shout out to the father’s in my readership — I can probably name you all: Rick, Dad, and Ira. Hope you had a good one! Gina got me a very hip shirt from Hollister. Dad: I’ve got something coming from for you!


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