Mexico Mission report

group18AMexico was a lot different then I expected. I thought of a one room orphanage with children crying inside and a bunch of fed up Mexican nannies. I thought the cabins would be disgusting, and that they would be barely sanitary for someone to live in. But it was much different. This place was probably a 5 star hotel compared to the .5 star hotel I thought it was going to be. I thought this trip would be the cliché’ version of a mission trip. I was wrong on so many levels. What defines a mission trip isn’t how terrible a place is, or how much work you get done. It’s mainly about what people receive in the process.

The kids at the orphanage are kids just like me, except they have 115 brothers and sisters. All these kids receive good educations, a family environment, their own set of toys, and much more. In fact DJ, the man who owns the orphanage with his wife, said that the kids there are stressed on giving back and will help volunteer in poor areas of town.

withkids-8AThese children weren’t godly. They weren’t nice like saints either. Finding god is the weirdest places is true. The church told me I would find it in the children but I didn’t. Some of these children were flat out brats, and mean. But their kids and that’s okay.

I saw God in Elizabeth’s smile. Let me tell you about Elizabeth. A Mother of three or four I can’t remember. All her children are under 10. She lives in a trailer half the size of my kitchen. I helped build her a house. This house has three bedrooms one living room and a bathroom. If my parents told me we were in that house that would probably be the same as telling me that I have to eat 50 gigantic raw cockroaches. But to this family who has 6 cats (5 of them kittens) three dogs, and 5 people total. This house is like a dream come true. And you don’t need to speak any type of Spanish to know that when Elizabeth smiles she’s expressing so much gratitude its hard to take it all in.

Two days later I went and looked at houses in Beverly hills. It’s no joke that ME with probably less than 3,000 dollars to my name I am part of the top 3% richest people in the world. The WORLD. If that’s not power what is. I am also part of the 50% of the world who has made a phone call or received one. For gosh sake I have a cell phone! DJ also told us that the United States is the richest country but also gives the most of any country. And I wouldn’t doubt that statement at all. The allowance I receive is very close to minimum wage in Mexico. The minimum wage is 4.70 a DAY. IF you work in the dumps you make 10 a day.

Did I change any of those statistics? No. But I made a difference. And I gained something in the process. – Regina Reed

3 thoughts on “Mexico Mission report”

  1. Wow! I am so impressed with your impressions of your mission trip! You have really gained in knowledge and experience and you express your thoughts very well. It was a fascinating read! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Grandpa Reed


  2. Hi there – I met your parents at a house concert last week in Winter Park. They were extremely excited that you had just crossed the border back into the US, and couldn’t wait to hear the stories you had accumulated. I’m glad that you chose to write about it and post on this blog; it sounds like this trip made a strong impression on you. Thanks for sharing!


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