car update

The blue streak sold saturday night for more than I could have expected by trade-in. The buyer is from North Carolina, and was bidding from Germany. He may have his brother come and finalize the transaction, but its going to be tricky trying to coordinate the title transfer and retain the plates for timely purchase of my replacement vehicle. And I’ll be out of town for 3 business days next week.

The Mazda 3 Touring S 4-doorSpeaking of which, we went to a Mazda dealer sunday to get a quote on a Mazda 3 and it was an unpleasant process. This was the highest volume dealership in town, and my previous experience with them was investigating their deceptive bait and switch newspaper advertising a couple of years ago. So I was prepared, but still what a sleazy lying bunch of bastards they are. Three times I stood up to leave. The third time Linda was already in our car with the AC running. I did walk out on them, and they called me on my cellphone before we had gotten a half mile away to tell me they’d meet my terms. I said thanks, but I wasn’t turning around. I said I’d come back later this week, but I’m going to another dealership first.

I had forgotten what this what like; the last three vehicles we’ve purchased have been at Saturn or CarMax, both places which have fixed no-haggle pricing.

2 thoughts on “car update”

  1. Oh my! What a time! There’s an old song which has the line “Better luck next time—” (but the line continues)—that will never be”. Used and new car salesmen are the scum of the earth.


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