Pinhole photography


There’s a renewed interest these days in pinhole photography . Back in 1988 I experimented some. I have four prints I prepared and mounted for an exhibition and I’ve scanned and posted them on my flickr account. I wrote:

“The pinhole photographs exhibited here were made using a light-tight cardboard box with a metal pinhole in one end and a sheet of photographic paper at the other. The effective aperture is approximately f-260, and photo paper has a practical ASA speed of around 6. Therefore, exposures ranged from 30 seconds to 120 minutes. The paper negatives were then contact printed to yield the final image. (July, 1988)

Gina’s confirmation service

We had a wonderful confirmation service this morning. Gina and her class of 8 girls, 1 boy, were confirmed into the United Church of Christ by several clergy. All grandparents plus the Issen family were present and took part. The church music was impressive and celebratory with 5 brass pieces contributing to our robust choir.

My pictures are not very sharp….I hope to get some others from others, there were lots of digital impressions made.