Windows Defender

Windows Defender is getting high marks and good reviews. Gina had some persistent infections on your Gateway computer, and I spent several hours tracking down individual trojan removal instructions and tools unsuccessfully trying to clean it up. I was preparing to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the operating system (again). Then I tried Defender (download here), and its detection and removal process seemed to do the trick. Her computer has been operating OK without the constant distruptive trojan detections from her AV.

Seven in Orange rank among top 5% of US high schools

In contrast to the headlines that the Orlando Sentinel gives to our F graded schools, OCPS announced that 7 of their 16 high schools were ranked in Newsweek’s top 5% of US schools.

Orange County Public School High Schools:

165. Cypress Creek HS
172. University HS
277. Winter Park HS
637. Timber Creek HS
662. Olympia HS
1011. Freedom HS
1137. Edgewater HS

Gina starts at Winter Park HS next fall.

Panic! Juggling! YouTube!

Update on previous post: – Panic! Juggling! YouTube!
Chris Bliss

Comedian and juggler,

He’s a staple on late-night TV, headlines comedy clubs and was recently picked to perform at the 20th anniversary Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, the world’s largest comedy festival. And Bliss freely gives much of the credit to a random YouTube posting by unknown persons of a juggling video.

“I had it on a personal and a corporate website, and sometime after January, it was posted,” says Bliss, who is from Washington, D.C., and juggled professionally before switching to stand-up. “The viral video phenomenon has had a huge impact on my career, certainly the biggest thing since I first did the Tonight show several years ago.”

Fit for a king or a knight: Bliss says that as a direct result of the spread of the juggling video via YouTube, “I’ve been to Scotland to speak at a conference featuring Sir Bob Geldof, been invited to perform for the King of Sweden, been posted on Ringo Starr’s website, and am shooting a music video for a well-known artist. (I can’t say who.)”

Recently, Bliss received the ultimate honor: A parody of his act was posted on YouTube. “But judging from the comments e-mailers made about that video, I don’t think the exposure was very helpful to that act. It’s definitely a ‘sword cuts both ways’ technology.”

Click here for an amazing juggling video

A Cappella in Times Square has released a video podcast from the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella competition. Itincludes several single camera digital video clips of groups warming up, but the best thing on it is a video sequence of the all male Oxford (England) University group “Out of the Blue” performing two numbers in Times Square after the competition. Download the video from here.

Out of the Blue in Times Square

This is so cool. The video is low frame rate, but the audio and the color is excellent! Its in .m4v format, so you’ll have to have Quicktime or ITunes installed in order to play it. When you get it loaded up, just skip to the end, at about the 26 minute point. Then play the last 7 minutes.

Pete turns 50

Quartet buddy Pete A. turned 50 this week, and Barb successfully pulled off a great surprise party for him with a great crowd of friends and family. It may be the only time I’ve seen Pete at a loss for words. I contributed some photos featuring Pete in our quartet over the last few years.

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Encore at spring BBS contest

Encore, w/Troy Soos on bass

These guys made the finals again and placed sixth overall at the spring Florida barbershop convention/contest!   I sang for a while with bass Troy Soos (second from left) . Congratulations guys.

Their website shows some public appearances coming up later this year I’d like to go see:

Lake Ashton Country Club w/HotShots Nov 3, 2006 Public Event Lake Wales, FL
Clermont Chapter Show w/HotShots Nov 4, 2006 Public Event Clermont, FL