beach shark

I landed another nice bonnethead shark this morning out at playa linda beach. (Here’s the video of catching a shark last summer.) The weather was gorgeous, no bugs, gentle breeze. Real easy fishing. The playa linda beach has restored itself nicely from the depletion in the 2004 hurricanes. So much sand was washed away that season that I recall the water was lapping at the dune lines at high tide. This picture here was just shy of the morning high tide.The shark put up a great fight, and was released unharmed.

stuckairboatOn the way back, I stopped at the newly renovated Lake Loughman lodge on the St. Johns. river system. The water level is so low, the lodge is about to close down. I watched this guy trying to get his 3.5 ton truck out of the bog. He tried to winch himself out, but only succeeded in pulling the truck deeper into the bank. A tow truck driver arrived, and he did the exact same thing, and pulled the stuck truck even deeper. Then the tow driver drove around behind and tried to pull the stuck truck the other way, but he got himself stuck. When I left, they were sitting in the shade waiting for a bigger truck.


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