Mexico departure

hugs goodbyeWe saw Gina off this morning at 5am, flying direct to L.A. with 22 other youth and 14 adults for a weeks mission work in Mexico.

4 thoughts on “Mexico departure”

  1. I don’t think her cell will work there, but it might. there are others with enabled phones, and she’ll spend 1 or two nights in L.A. so we’ll get updates.

    Yes, she did finish her room. Two days of unsupervised painting and masking! How bad could it be? I asked myself. The worst of it is paint in the pool, but that should filter out. Somehow the paint rollers wound up in the pool.

    Her friends were a great help.


  2. Gina just arrived in LA and called. She is still waiting for her entire party to deplane. She sounds great, much more awake than I feel. That should be the last call until she arrives back in LA next Friday.


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