Seven in Orange rank among top 5% of US high schools

In contrast to the headlines that the Orlando Sentinel gives to our F graded schools, OCPS announced that 7 of their 16 high schools were ranked in Newsweek’s top 5% of US schools.

Orange County Public School High Schools:

165. Cypress Creek HS
172. University HS
277. Winter Park HS
637. Timber Creek HS
662. Olympia HS
1011. Freedom HS
1137. Edgewater HS

Gina starts at Winter Park HS next fall.

4 thoughts on “Seven in Orange rank among top 5% of US high schools”

  1. Yeah, but …

    I don’t mean to put a damper on this, but there was an column in yesterday’s NY Times by Michael Winerip about Newsweek’s rankings, here.

    I think you have to be registered to get onto the Times site, so if you’re not, here’s a summary: The Newsweek rankings is based on only one thing: “the number of College Board Advanced Placement exams taken by students at a high school, divided by the number of graduating seniors.” It doesn’t factor in how they DID on the tests. Matter of fact, he talks a lot about Florida (but not WP High):

    “Newsweek ranks Eastside High in Gainesville, Fla., as the sixth best high school in America. The state of Florida gives Eastside a C grade, which means there are 1,846 A or B schools rated ahead of Eastside in Florida alone. The Florida report card reveals that Eastside has 1,028 students, more than half of them African-American; only 13 percent of those 589 African-American children are reading at grade level. At the sixth best school in America?”

    So, not to say it’s not a good school, but only that the Newsweek rankings don’t mean nothin’.

    Of course, that didn’t stop me from checking to see if Austen’s high school (next fall), Beacon, is ranked. I only checked the first 300 and it’s not there, which doesn’t surprise me — the school doesn’t have enough AP classes (that’s the only downside about the school). But what did surprise me is that NYC’s top schools, Stuyvesant and Bronx Science, which are very very competitive, aren’t in the top 300 either. In fact, NONE of NYC’s specialized high schools are there.



  2. Wait! There’s more.

    Just found this feature on the Newsweek site, “The Public Elites” (

    “NEWSWEEK excluded these high performers from the list of Best High Schools because so many of their students score well above average on the SAT and ACT.”

    (The list includes Stuy and Hunter College H.S., but not Bronx Science.)

    To which I can only say: Huh?

    So many of the students score above average, therefore, they aren’t included in the list of Best High Schools. Makes sense to me.



  3. yeah—I read about this in the Times. “Newsweek”
    rankings in everything from college status to
    other “educational” studies have always been
    suspect. They are a magazine not a reseaarch
    tank. They sorta competed with Barrons and
    and your mom’s old books so maybe I’m predudiced.
    Anyhow, there’s an old saying that “figures don’t
    lie, but liers can figure”


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