Salt Lake City, 1978

Bob and brother Rick climbed to the top of Mt. Olympus, a 9,000+ peak overlooking the great city of Salt Lake.

I was cleaning some closets and came across this montage which I had framed for display. We were alone at the peak, and I took the photo with Rick in it, and vice versa. I am gesturing back to the trail that we scrambled up for the last 100 yards.

hint: if you create a free account and login to, you can see and download hi-res scans of my images. For example, this image above is available in 3048X1691 pixels. When you are logged in, look for the associated link that says “see different sizes”.

the view from SLC

4 thoughts on “Salt Lake City, 1978”

  1. I was a junior in college and we thought we could do anything. We took the photos without the intention of putting them together. There was one rock that was the top of the mountain and we both shot the photos from that spot.

    I remember climbing all day, then Bob saying on the return that this would be the hardest part. It was. I was sore for two days. Our hiking equipment was from the Edmund Hillary era. Check out Bob’s hat. I wore baseball cleats.



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