Salt Lake City, 1978

Bob and brother Rick climbed to the top of Mt. Olympus, a 9,000+ peak overlooking the great city of Salt Lake.

I was cleaning some closets and came across this montage which I had framed for display. We were alone at the peak, and I took the photo with Rick in it, and vice versa. I am gesturing back to the trail that we scrambled up for the last 100 yards.

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the view from SLC


Our church sponsors a mission trip to a small town in Mexico as a youth activity. The mission work is construction, repair and cleanup at an orphanage. We had planned to encourage Gina to participate in summer 07 when she will be 15, but it turns out nearly her entire confirmation class is signed on for this summer. Gina has helped with some of the fundraising by the youth groups in the last few months, and she wants to go. There is still space and we’ll need to pitch in with a plane ticket.

She’ll be gone from friday May¬† 26 returning early monday June 5.