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I’m usually the standard-bearer for ‘content above everything’, but this is a great analysis of the new look and feel of Web 2.0 design and cultural standards as they have emerged.

Web 2.0 is fundamentally a new technological approach to web-based applications and open standards-based architecture. But the design: we’re talking pastel colors, rounded shapes, sans serif fonts. Our recent http://p-adl.ucf.edu/ site is smack in the cross hairs here. (However, I was into rounded corners and sans serif waaay back in 2002, see http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~rgreed/ )

The design recommendations go a little deeper than appearance, and touch on some technology guidelines, like no java applets, no animation or flash, and always use descriptive html. An interesting read.

Trace Adkins

This past weekend Linda and I escorted visiting students Marina and Sachiko to the Strawberry festival in Plant City (near Tampa.) I thought we had been to this big event way back when we moved to Florida in the 80’s, but Linda corrected me. This was our first time.
The draw for us was a 4pm outdoor concert by Nashville star Trace Adkins, and he put on quite a show in front of at least 10,000 fans. Most of the crowd, including us, were seated in bleachers, and I really really missed the binoculars — we left them in the car which was parked a long ways away. However, we charged down front during the encore to get a close up look at the singer, and he’s pretty damn impressive; about 6’6″ with arms the size of my thighs.
It was a good show. Adkins current hit is the boundary-stretching rap-influenced Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, and he got the entire crowd to sing along with the irreverent refrain “well shut my mouth and smack my grandma!”.

Most of these snapshots came from Sachiko’s camera. The thumb in the one picture is mine. Larger copies and a few more pictures are available at http://www.presby-book.net/rgsr/strawberryThe festival itself was shoulder to shoulder packed. We gorged on strawberry shortcake, and greasy carnival food. In ambiance and crowd profile, it was probably most like an extremely crowded day at Flea World.

“Smiling Bob” Not Smiling Anymore

“Smiling Bob may have been happy, but many customers were not,” said California Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

“The defendants violated consumer protection laws that rest on a simple principle: businesses must deal with people fairly and honestly. This settlement will prevent further violations and compensate consumers harmed by the defendants’ practices.”

article at consumeraffairs.com