OK, I dropped the nickel and got a paid Flickr account. I’ve been trying to keep my digital photo files organized on my hard drive, but its getting a little haphazard, and easy to lose track of them. After giving it some thought I realized how vastly superior it is to organize the files with tags instead of by a hiearchical file structure. Flickr enables the tag method, plus it facilitates sharing photos at varying resolution levels. altogether a far superior system.

So in the longer term, my family photo records are split between

  1. 1980’s through 2002 photo albums
  2. 1997 – 2002 photo CD’s
  3. 1997- 2006 hand crafted website
  4. 2001 – present hard drive storage
  5. 2005 Snapfish (requires registration)
  6. 2005 – present Flickr

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