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Here’s a cheap plug for free service PBwiki

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I have used it for posting rehearsal schedules and set lists for Makeshift gigs, but despite my repeated entreaties for collaboration and participation, it has not been used to its full potential.

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ps. in return for this plug, they are increasing my file space.

Happy Wednesday morning!

As the chief pediatrician said yesterday, it was an intense but brief illness. We’re getting ready for school and work this morning. Almost as if we’ve had a family-wide nightmare and now we’re back.

Almost. We’re all a little tired, Gina from a need to recover full strength, and as for me (Linda), I think I’m just feeling tired now, as my adrenaline level goes back to normal.

Gina will see a hematologist next week, and then at increasing intervals until her recovery is deemed complete. All the odds are this is a one-time experience that will simply be a line on her medical history.

And in the silver lining department, Gina is no longer afraid of blood tests. A real piece of cake after all this.

Looking forward to braces coming off and the usual arguments about homework and clothes.

Love and thanks to all.

Linda and Bob