2/18/06 This is a travel weekend for the Solash Reeds; Gina left early friday morning for a 4 day trip to a ski resort in Maggie Valley, NC with a friend’s family, and Linda and I are at a church retreat in Silver Springs, FL just outside Ocala. This retreat is at a somewhat primitive conference center, very much like a summer camp. There’s about 100 of our fellow congregants here with us. We’ll be back sunday to join Max and Bob for Bob Sr.’s birthday dinner at Park Plaza Gardens.

Its the first time skiing for Gina; I hope to get some ski picture from her trip and share them here!

2/22 Update: Gina returned with a memory card full of pictures, unfortunately, almost all are goofing around pictures of girls in the bathroom mirror, girls in car, and the inevitable up the nostril shots.
But there were a couple of snow shots, one of Tracy, Gina and Alexa included here. (800 pixel version here)

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