Google Desktop

This free software is popping up frequently, and I pass on this cautionary note circulated at my employment:

Submitted for: UCF Computer Services Network Operations Center Security Team
Subject: Google Desktop Search-Do Not Use

Google, maker of the popular search engine, has developed a search tool for use on personal computers. The latest version of this tool–Google Desktop version 3-contains a feature that allows individual users to store a virtual copy of files from their hard drives on Googles servers so they can search the data from a second computer. While useful, the feature can compromise the security of individual users or the university.

Many national security firms, as well as UCFs Network Security Team, are warning users of the significant security risks this creates. Because there is no limit to the files that might be copied to Googles servers by this tool, such files could include sensitive personal data, data protected by FERPA or other laws, or confidential research data. Further, once on Googles servers, users files would be subject to disclosure
through subpoena.

Because of these risks, the UCF Network Security Team is advising that The Google Desktop Search application should not be downloaded or installed on any university personal computer. Thank you for your cooperation.

Network Security Team
University of Central Florida

The Office

Currently my favorite show, and Gina doesn’t miss an episode with me. Linda won’t be in the same room when its on.

I was a fan of the BBC original — and it was far more painful to watch. The NBC version retains the no-laugh-track situation-awkward comedy (sitawk?), but has developed the characters and made them more accessible to our american tastes.

BTW, character Dwight S. writes his own blog. Its hilarious.

Entertainment Weekly article.


2/18/06 This is a travel weekend for the Solash Reeds; Gina left early friday morning for a 4 day trip to a ski resort in Maggie Valley, NC with a friend’s family, and Linda and I are at a church retreat in Silver Springs, FL just outside Ocala. This retreat is at a somewhat primitive conference center, very much like a summer camp. There’s about 100 of our fellow congregants here with us. We’ll be back sunday to join Max and Bob for Bob Sr.’s birthday dinner at Park Plaza Gardens.

Its the first time skiing for Gina; I hope to get some ski picture from her trip and share them here!

2/22 Update: Gina returned with a memory card full of pictures, unfortunately, almost all are goofing around pictures of girls in the bathroom mirror, girls in car, and the inevitable up the nostril shots.
But there were a couple of snow shots, one of Tracy, Gina and Alexa included here. (800 pixel version here)


Its a big weekend coming up; 1st, Makeshift will do two sets at Austin Coffee and Film on saturday night, 2/25. We’re psyched and ready. We’ve got some new material, and hope to feature some special guest appearances by Mezzo Theresa Segers and long-time-absent Tenor Drew Abel. First set is about 8:30pm.
Then on Sunday, we pickup and meet our exchange student Marina Hayashi from Nagoya College, Honshu, Japan. She’ll be staying with us for 4 weeks.

Parental advisory

From “On ‘The Daily Show’ last night, Jon Stewart, speaking as a ‘concerned parent,’ urged viewers never to let their children go on hunting trips with the vice president. ‘I can’t emphasize this enough,’ Stewart said. ‘I don’t care what kind of lucrative contracts they’re trying to land, or energy regulation they’re trying to get lifted. . . . He’ll shoot them in the face.'”

We’re going to Iowa this summer

“Two families were having a feud. One family lived on the Minnesota side of the border between Iowa and Minnesota, and the other family lived on the Iowa side. The feud got serious and the Minnesota family started throwing sticks of dynamite across the border into the Iowa farm yard. One day, it put the eye of a cow out. The Iowa family became so incensed that it started lighting the dynamite sticks that the Minnesotans had thrown over, and throwing them back into the Minnesota family’s farm yard.”

ESPN’s Dick Vitale was in Indiana to announce a basketball game when he noticed a red phone near the Hoosier’s bench. He asked Coach Bob Knight what it was for.
“It’s a hotline to God,” said Knight. Vitale asked if he could use it. Knight said, “Sure, but it’ll cost you $100.” Vitale thought he needed a break picking the games, so he pulled out his wallet and paid the $100. Dick Vitale had a perfect week.
The next week, he was in Arkansas when he noticed the same kind of phone on the Razerback’s bench. He asked the Razerback coach about the phone. The coach said, “It’s the hotline to to God, and it’ll cost you $100 if you want to use it”. Vitale paid the money. Again, he had a perfect week.

The next week, Vitale was in Iowa when he noticed the same kind of phone by the Hawkeyes’ bench. He asked Tom Davis (Iowa Coach), “Is that the hotline to God?”. Davis said, “Yes and if you want to use it, it’ll cost 35 cents”. Vitale said, “Wait a second,I just paid $100 in Indiana and Arkansas to use the hotline to God. Why does Iowa only charge 35 cents?” Davis smiled at Vitale and replied, “In Iowa, it’s a local call.”

Q: What do you call a bunch of tractors parked in front of a McDonalds on Friday night in Iowa?
A: Prom.

And brother Rick writes:

Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 14:59:15 -0800
Subject: Re: Okiboji
We are excited and set to go . . . only one problem – Where is Iowa? What city has an airport? Only kidding. But really, where does our airplane land?