Good customer service

Via help desk chat, 12/19

[Live Help: Thank you for contacting L.L.Bean. Please wait. A representative will be with you in a moment.]

[Live Help: Welcome to LLBean.]

[Live Help: You are now connected.]

Bob_Reed: Can I get a replacement tent fly pole for one that splintered in a strong wind? Tent is #6 dome, purchased approx Jan 2005.

benjamin_k: Hello, My name is Ben. I will be happy to help you with that…

benjamin_k: Please hold while I check that for you, Mr. Reed…

Bob_Reed: thanks

benjamin_k: Thank you for waiting, Mr. Reed. I see what you got in January was the XT33 # dome tent with fiberglass poles. I will connect you to the Sporting Goods line they will confirm if we can send a replacement, please hold…

Bob_Reed: ok

[Live Help: doug_b enters the call

[Live Help: benjamin_k left the call

doug_b: Hello. I’m Doug. We can indeed get you a new fly pole……

doug_b: The pole that broke was it in the front or the rear of the tent?

Bob_Reed: It was the short one in the rear.

doug_b: Thanks, one sec and I’ll check stock.

doug_b: Thanks for your patience. I can get you one right away Mr Reed. Should I ship it your Little John Rd address?

Bob_Reed: yes, 2915 Little John

doug_b: No problem. We typically mail such items which will likely get it there shortly after Christmas. Will that do?

Bob_Reed: No rush at all. Check my campsite photo of the tent this last week at

doug_b: Thanks. Nice beach. And Johnny Hammond! I’ve caught him a bunch of times. $15 is a small price to pay.

Bob_Reed: Its the indian river lagoon in east central florida. Winds gusted to about 30mph. must’ve been a flawed pole.

doug_b: Yeah, no doubt. We had a small run of them, but I think we got it licked. Let us know if you have any other problems.

Bob_Reed: thank you. merry christmas.

doug_b: You too. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Good customer service”

  1. I. LOVE. LLBean.

    Bought a pair of binoculars from their Freeport store last summer and the strap broke the next day. Took them back, picked out another pair (that were $8 dollars more). When I went to exchange them, the nice woman said, “Oh, I see that you just bought these, and the strap broke? We’ll exchange them for the new ones, but won’t charge you the extra 8 dollars.”

    Another time, I ordered a bunch of stuff online. A day later, I realized that I needed something elese. I called them to see if I could tack my new purchase onto the existing order (so as not to pay shipping). The nice woman said she couldn’t include it with the old order, but hey, there’s no reason we can’t give you free shipping on this!

    That’s why I keep on going back.



  2. And don’t forget the time that we ordered some things online and they got delivered to our neighbors who had just moved in.

    You (that’s mom/deri) called them up and they sent it again – free of charge. Of course, 2 weeks later the neighbors turned up at our door with a glass of wine and an LL Bean box. Apparently it got mixed with their moving-in boxes.


  3. Yup, forgot about that one. But actually, the neighbors appeared 3 months later with the package (and a bottle of wine). Since Dad didn’t really need another pair of Teva sandals in October, we sent it back to Bean.


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