Blue Springs Camping video

3.5 min video hosted on google video
Over on google video is the short 3.5 minute video I put together from our October 2 night camping trip at Blue Springs state park (florida). (previous post) The song ‘banana pancakes’ on the soundtrack is a favorite of Gina’s; its by a professional surfer-turned-folk singer from Hawaii. Listen for the brief snippet of hawaiian lyrics.

All the stills and video were shot on the Pentax Optio wp (waterproof) digital camera.

The final version on mpeg-2 looks a whole lot better than the down sampled version hosted on google video. Follow the link to view on the google site where you can set a larger display size, or if it appears below, click on the play button to watch an embedded version right here.

embedding courtesy DownloadGoogleVideos.Com
12/21 update: is apparently offline or permanently gone. You’ll have to go directly to the googlevideo website

2 thoughts on “Blue Springs Camping video”

  1. Really nice movie, Bob. Brings a little closure to that hot sweaty day we were at Blue Springs this summer, fantasizing about jumping into the (then forbidden) blue waters.

    And I love Jack Johnson – but didn’t know there was Hawaiian in Banana Pancakes!



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