Singing News

I made my debut with the Caroling Company today at the Festival of the Trees. Its a freebie gig for me to be checked out and see if I’m ready for paying jobs. I think I passed. My carol-mates were all seasoned and experienced.

Also this weekend I heard from the Orlando Opera, and I’ll be cast in the spring production of Tosca. Rehearsals start in March, performances in late April.

Large Redfish

I had the day off of work, so I went out early this morning. I would estimate this redfish at 30+ lbs, I landed him with a 6″ plastic jerk bait on 8lb test line. It was a long fight getting him to the boat (I hooked up while under the bridge in the background), then trying to set up this picture took a little bit of time. I flushed water back and forth through his gills by holding him along side of the boat, and he revived and swam off.

The Long Tail

Wired 12.10: The Long Tail:

“Many of our assumptions about popular taste are actually artifacts of poor supply-and-demand matching – a market response to inefficient distribution.”

And thus this article explains a new trend in consumer economics.

Essentially, the new digital marketplace enables such incredibly efficient distribution, that even marginally selling items can make money. Think of the limitations of a traditional jukebox that can hold a few hundred vinyl records. Only the most popular vinyl will be stocked, but a digital jukebox can hold hundreds of thousands if not millions of tunes, thereby creating a marketplace far more diverse than the billboard top 100.

The streaming music service “Rhapsody” delivers more tunes that are below the top 10,000, than it does of tunes that are IN the top 10,000. Think about that, read that sentence again.

“By overcoming the limitations of geography and scale, just as Rhapsody and Amazon have, Google and eBay have discovered new markets and expanded existing ones. This is the power of the Long Tail.”