computer rebuild

I got the download.trojan virus on my new Dell PC. So I wiped the harddrive and upgraded with an XP Pro install. What a pain; I have spent hours and hours struggling with this. I just managed to finish up my approx. 4 min movie edit of our Blue Springs camping trip. Its the last thing I did prior to giving up on trying to remove the virus. I completed it on the struggling, sick PC yesterday. The video is in raw AVI, so as soon as I get things restored, I’ll convert it and share it. Stay tuned. Now I’ve got to finish restoring all my software….priorities completed so far:

OS Updates
Norton AV
Groupwise (for work email)
Firefox browser
Printer installation and sharing.

3 thoughts on “computer rebuild”

  1. My sympathies. Doncha just hate computers?

    But the question remains — how’d you get the virus? What did you do, or didn’t do, to be infected?

    C’mon, big brother; I need to know so I can avoid the same fate.



  2. I’m reluctant to confess…I can’t be certain, but it may have occured when I was looking for a keygen program to crack an Adobe photoshop trial installation. I should know better. Its illegal, and its like going shopping in a back alley. I’ve since purchased legitimate Photoshop software from


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