Pedometer calculation with google maps
This is very useful. Its an integrated tool which calls up google maps, then allows you to chart a course by doubleclicking at the waypoints, all the while auto calculating your mileage, and placing mileage markers on your route!

I found that it is almost exactly 1 mile from my house to Cady Way pool.

Here’s a link to get started in Winter Park instead of New York.
Here’s a 3 mile loop near my house.
Two mile loop
Better two mile loop

1.35 mile walk from office to campus

1 mile walk to campus via dirt shortcut


One thought on “Pedometer calculation with google maps”

  1. Austen discoverd that Google Earth does the same thing. He calculated my regular run (to the Central Park Reservoir, around it, and then home) — 3.55 miles.

    Looks like it’s easier to chart the course on a map though.



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