Ridiculously easy RSS feeds

If you use the Firefox browser, check out Live Bookmarks. I’ve tried configuring and using RSS aggregators before, but it seems to be more trouble than its worth, but Firefox makes it as simple as adding an entry to your collection of bookmarks. I just look for the little icon in the lower right, and I can add topical indexes from all my favorite blogs, and then tell at a glance if they’ve been updated. I can’t explain the technique much better than Firefox does on their instruction page, so follow the link and give it a try. You can “Live Bookmark” this blog right now.

One Star Reviews from Amazon.com

This is amusing. A collection of one star reader reviews of Time Magazine’s 100 best novels of all time. as compiled by Matthew Baldwin of The Morning News.

for example:

“Lord of the Flies (1955) Author: William Golding

“I am obsessed with Survivor, so I thought it would be fun. WRONG!!! It is incredibly boring and disgusting. I was very much disturbed when I found young children killing each other. I think that anyone with a conscience would agree with me.�?”

Kitchen before and after

I didn’t plan this, but I found an old photo of the pre-remodeled counter and range, and shot a matching photo from the same location that shows the new island.

Here’s a javascript page that toggles between the two shots….it works better in MS Explorer because it uses a blendtrans filter that is only supported by MS. There are CSS techniques to accomplish the same thing in the Firefox browser, but I fiddled with it for about and hour and finally gave up.


powerpoint techniques

I’m at a conference this week and seeing a lot of powerpoint presentations. Coincidently, I came across some blog discussion last week about new presentation concepts, some specifically drawn from a book and blog titled “beyond bullets”

The idea is that it is deadly to write a powerpoint that is essentially a set of speakers notes. Instead, rely on the power of oration and use the visual powerpoint platform to illustrate and provide emphasis.

There’s a wonderful example here that runs about 15 minutes. You may not be as interested in the presentation topic as I am (about digital identity and authentication), but look at the presentation technique this guy uses.

I’m going to try and incorporate some of these ideas into my next presentation. Interestingly, Gina already grasps this and uses it in her middle school powerpoint class projects.


Pedometer calculation with google maps

This is very useful. Its an integrated tool which calls up google maps, then allows you to chart a course by doubleclicking at the waypoints, all the while auto calculating your mileage, and placing mileage markers on your route!

I found that it is almost exactly 1 mile from my house to Cady Way pool.

Here’s a link to get started in Winter Park instead of New York.
Here’s a 3 mile loop near my house.
Two mile loop
Better two mile loop

1.35 mile walk from office to campus

1 mile walk to campus via dirt shortcut


Blue Springs camping


Hunsickers, Reeds and Issens
Here’s a similar snapshot from 2002
and another from 2001

We’re just back from two nights camping at Blue Springs state park, with great snorkeling, swimming and canoeing. This picture below gina took from the canoe…more media to come.