Day 15 of the remodeling

It hardly compares to the hardships of some of our neighbors this hurricane season, but we are really starting to miss having a kitchen with running water, ice maker, dishwasher, etc.

The refrigerator is plugged in in the family room, and all our kitchen stuff is stacked up.

We’re storing things wherever we can, and often misplacing utensils, or condiments.

Here’s our makeshift kitchen; we’ve got to dump liquids in the backyard or down the toilet. We keep a jug of water handy for the coffee maker.

Thankfully, the grill works well. Linda made a decent casserole for a church pot luck on it this weekend.

For those few dishes and utensils we use, I cart them out to the side of the house and wash them at the fish cleaning/paint cleanup sink outside the garage.

remodeling update

We checked some alternate 16″ X 16″ floor tile, and it was a fraction of an inch TOO LARGE, and still of a notably different color shade. Good grief, don’t they have any STANDARDS in the tile industry???? There would be no internet if it weren’t for standards!! So our clever plan is to pull up some existing tile and lay things out so it looks like we planned a varying color. I rushed down to Lowe’s and ordered 5 more boxes of tile.

I lined up an electrical contractor for the telephone work, and they were coming by on 9/7 to make a bid on that and a new electrical panel. However, our project contractor is incapacitated due to a bad back (out two days now), and when the electrician called to say he was coming to the house, nobody was there, I was without a vehicle because it was getting a new trailer hitch installed, and Linda was at work with client appointments. So we missed the electrician appointment.

Kitchen colors and finishes

Some small problems have emerged. The new floor tile does not measure the same 16″X 16″ that the existing floor tile does. We want to have unified tile across the two spaces, therefore, its not going to line up well, or the grout gaps will have to be larger. The project contractor cannot relocate the telephone outlet because there are too many wires connected, so we need to find a “telephone contractor” to move it.

The electrician reports that we have an obsolete electrical panel with latent flaws that are well documented on the internet. For safety’s sake, we should replace it. Cost is probably about $1,000.

Here’s some images of the colors and finishes. Below is the slate gray porcelain tile that will make up the countertops, and the blue glass mosaic tile that will be the backsplash. Contrast with the light oak wood finish of the new cabinetry.

We’re suspending 4 solid bar nickel finish frosted white glass pendant lamps over the 6′ X 6′ island. There will be some halogen lights under the over-counter cabinets and one decorative fluroscent fixture with nickel trim on the ceiling. We still need to select and purchase cabinet fixtures and drawer pulls.

Katrina Assistance

I had a request to assist an emergency UCF meeting this morning seeking ways to help displaced students. I ran some quick analyses of our available class seats. The state wants us to cut red tape (which I think we must purchase by the cable spool), and we will probably waive non-resident fees.

I also heard last night that Rollins College (of Winter Park) extended invitations to 30 Tulane Univ. students to attend Rollins for the fall term tuition free.

And we thought we had it bad last summer with our inconveniences.

UPDATE: UCF released this announcement thursday afternoon regarding enrollment opportunities for displaced gulf coast students.