Snapfish photo services

I’m testing this online photo service. (recommended by the New York Times) They apparently hold my hi-res digital photos, and provide drugstore-like printing services for $.12/print (plus shipping). I’ve uploaded a few from the key largo trip, and they are available to share online, but you can’t view them in hi-resolution. If that link doesn’t work, try this one.

6/15 UPDATE: You’ll have to create an instant account at in order to see the set of photos, but its pretty painless (and brilliant marketing on their part).

6/24 UPDATE: The prints came in the mail about 5 days after ordering them, and they look great. They are printed on genuine Kodak photo paper. Shipping raises the cost to about $.18 per print.

ps. I’ve also opened an account at a while ago, and have put a handful of photos on that site. although they still seem to limit image size to 1024 pixels. They have no printing services. My photos are here.

I stitched together this larger panarama, and will be ordering a print. And I hope to see if the following embedded image references are persistent.

Here’s where they put a black border on it:

Key Largo part II

Yes, I caught some fish. Went out on the party boat Capt. Michael from Robbies Charters, and fished with spinning rods on the surface for spawning yellowtail snapper. The boat landed about 190, of which over 20 were mine. I filled the small cooler below. The boat mates fileted them for me, and Linda and I went straight to a local restaurant that fried up a batch for us. They called it the “hook and cook” special.

No comment; its Florida.

Also below is a stiched panorama of the bayside jetties; you can see our resort motel right next to the Snooks restaurant. This is the spot where Linda snapped the sunset picture earlier.

How about these matching pith helmets? All the trendy people are adopting the style!

Key Largo

The dinner date was postponed until monday night, so Linda and I came down to the keys on saturday. The weather is still pretty blustery so I cancelled my fishing charter for sunday, but I will go out on a party boat later this morning. Meanwhile, here’s some pics from our “resort”. Beautiful sunset, and we had dinner right next door at the Snooks restaurant.

Remember Bob Morris?

The Orlando Sentinel lifestyle columnist who started the Queen Kumquat Sashay parade? He was busted for outright plagiarism and dismissed from the paper in 1994. This Orlando Weekly feature article brings us up to date on his goings on, his local hangouts, his current books, and spins a sort of revisionist perspective on his professional setback.

He enjoyed writing his columns, but says his small-minded editors never tired of busting his chops. How he came to leave the Sentinel is still a muddy issue.

Keys weekend June 12

Gina has an invite to accompany a friend to their family house in Islamorada. She’ll head down on thursday, but has to be back for art day camp which starts next monday. So I’m going down to pick her up on sunday, and I thought I’d line up a fishing guide for myself. All well and good, I have a sunday early AM reservation with Capt. Kerry Wingo in Key Largo.

But Linda has committed us to an important dinner party saturday night. oh well, Linda’s willing to accompany me and share the driving to the keys. Road Trip. more later,