computer hygiene

Recently I made a housecall to update and cleanup the parents’ two windows computers. Here’s the (free) tools I recommend for do-it-yourselfers. All of these are download, install and run.

To find and clean out all the tracking cookies, spyware and advertising delivery bots, run some combination of the following three programs once a month. You’ll be surprised at what they find.

I recently found this general disk cleaner. It runs and cleans out all the old temp and junk files that accumulate on your hard drives. On my work PC, it took 156 seconds to scan and find over 2.5 gig’s worth of removable files. Its which stands for ‘crap cleaner’.

All these software downloads are available in one efficient site:

7/02 Update: Warning! be sure to close your browser windows (and any other programs that might be open) when running ccleaner. There is a documented bug with Firefox if it is left open.

One thought on “computer hygiene”

  1. Do you make housecalls to NY?

    Actually, I’m proud to say that I run adaware, spybot and MS antispyware every few weeks. Not to mention updating F-Prot daily and scanning every week or so. Didn’t know about the crap cleaner, though — I’ll check it out.

    Now, if I could only get the junior geek to be so diligent about his laptop!



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