Key Largo part II

Yes, I caught some fish. Went out on the party boat Capt. Michael from Robbies Charters, and fished with spinning rods on the surface for spawning yellowtail snapper. The boat landed about 190, of which over 20 were mine. I filled the small cooler below. The boat mates fileted them for me, and Linda and I went straight to a local restaurant that fried up a batch for us. They called it the “hook and cook” special.

No comment; its Florida.

Also below is a stiched panorama of the bayside jetties; you can see our resort motel right next to the Snooks restaurant. This is the spot where Linda snapped the sunset picture earlier.

How about these matching pith helmets? All the trendy people are adopting the style!

One thought on “Key Largo part II”

  1. More great pics! I especially liked the one of you with the fish, and the pith helmets. I want one of those. And you not only have matching hats, you are also SO color coordinated! Looks like a great weekend. Max


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