Aida sells out Orlando

Our 3-performance orlando run was a box office record for the opera. The Orlando paper gave it a fair review, although they didn’t mention ME!

This weekend we do two performances in Tampa. I’ve got a CD loaded with performance photographs and I’ll cull through to share some good ones later. Meanwhile here’s a backstage pic of us soldiers with one of the dancers. more photos temporarily here


I’m in rehearsals for Verdi’s Aida, which opens this coming friday, 4/22. Last weekend we held the “sitzprobe” rehearsal, which is the first time all the singers and musicians come together to run through the entire opera top to bottom. Its quite thrilling to be that close to the music, and the principle singers. Everyone is full voice, no marking, and for the first time in a while we can focus on the music instead of the staging, costuming and blocking we’ve been stumbling through.

update: More photos being posted here!

Prior to rehearsal [click on photo for a larger image]

Our Maestro is renowned composer Anton Coppola — of the Coppola family. He’s in his 80’s, and he appears to have the entire score committed to memory!

Living Will anyone?

Editor ROBERT FRIEDMAN from the St. Pete Times really captures the gist of it for me..

“(In the event of my incapacitation…) I want the medical geniuses and philosopher kings who populate the Florida Legislature to ignore me for more than a decade and then turn my case into a forum for weeks of politically calculated bloviation.

Read the whole column here

Update: here’s a humorous example of a living will crafted for political ends.