Reed Sr. credits Marcus IA upbringing

There is a feature article about Dad and his retirement career as a presbyterian humorist in today’s Orlando Sentinel.

“Reed, who was born and reared in the rural town of Marcus, Iowa, said he uses small-town life in Midwestern America as a backdrop for many of his stories.” more

I tested and I’m pretty sure the link will work without requiring registration and logging in…


Web Resources

I came across these great resources this week..check them out.
This is just awesome. Its a sad day for the folks over at This just smokes all other map services on the web, and its still in beta release and not yet linked from googles main page. To mention only a couple of advantages: automatic resizing with the browser window; click and drag the map to cover different territory; + and – keyboard shortcuts to zoom. Give it a try. Here’s a link to our summer vacation driving route

4/5 Update: google has added the proprietary Keyhole satellite imagery to its mapping. Here’s my brother’s house in Alameda, CA
They call themselves the preposterously easy discussion tool. Use this to set up any type of group discussion or collaboration, even document reviews. No registration required of participants (you do have to register to set it up). I tested it and it seems to work real well. See my discussion thread here


World of Ends

I stumbled on this 2 year old document which is great. Perhaps a little simplistic, but it states that the Internet is not a thing; it is an agreement.

The Internet has three virtues:
a. No one owns it
b. Everyone can use it
c. Anyone can improve it

The internet is NOT like broadcasting, telephone systems or highway systems, and regulatory schemes or business plans that use those systems as models are in error.