It’s been a couple of days, and still not good fish to speak(write) of. The weather turned; tuesday night was in the 30’s, with a strong wind, which got stronger on wednesday. Too strong to take my boat out. Here’s a picture of the north winds hitting the causeway on the Indian River.

So I scouted some areas and looked for bait. I was worried about the wind blowing down my tent, and when I got back to the campsite in early afternoon, everything was still intact. But while I was there, the wind caught the edge of the tent….I was right there and grabbed it. I thought for a minute I would go flying into the lagoon! One of the fiberglass poles snapped. I got everything under control.

I returned to Orlando to get some spare tent poles I had, and see the family. Had a great night sleeping, with the wife, and no wind, and central heating! Returned Thursday morning for an uneventful fishing day.

But the weather has turned and as I write this, its a balmy 65 degrees with light winds. My tent is restored; the tv/vcr survived its fall (it was inside the tent when it went); and I look forward optimistically to my remaining few days of vacation

One thought on “WIND”

  1. Great site! I’ve bookmarked it (so you have no secrets). Sounds as if you might be having fun, in spite of the weather. Got enough reading material? Max


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